Who we are.

Our membership is made up of Animal Control Officers (ACO) and Animal Shelter teams in the Commonwealth of Kentucky charged with the statutory responsibility of providing animal services to our respective jurisdictions for the sake of public health and safety.

Mike McNutt

President – Director, Hardin County Animal Control

Zach Cotton

Vice President – Director, Anderson County Animal Control

Lisa Krummen

Treasurer – Director, Campbell County Animal Shelter

Devin Owens

Secretary – Animal Control Officer Anderson County Animal Control

Colleen Bray

Past President – Director, Boone County Animal Care and Control


Proper training is the first step to providing good animal control and sheltering services. KACCA provides free online basic training programs to staff members of government and non-profit animal services organizations in Kentucky.

How does it work? From the Training page, click the “Register Today” button, choose a program, complete the information, and submit your request. Once we verify your employment, we will send you log on information. Simply complete your registration and go to your assigned course. Once the course is complete and you pass your final exam, KACCA will send you a certificate of completion.


Sharing… it’s that simply. Do you have an effective way to address community cats that end the old trap and euthanize approach? Doing managed animal intake? Do you have a successful intake prevention program? We what to hear about it! By sharing your success, you can help other organizations do the same.

We, as an industry, need to share information about the awesome work we are doing in Kentucky. Proactive programs are being instituted all around the state that has lowered shelter intake while increasing services to our public. Sharing your success willhelp others in our field.


How do we show our success? Transparency. Sharing our statistics. The need for animal control and sheltering services is a community based issue. We can’t solve the problems without community support and how does the community know our challenges if we don’t tell them? KACCA is giving out agencies a place to publicly share the number of animals entering Kentucky’s animal shelter system.


No need to reinvent the wheel. In our world, plagiarism is an accepted and encouraged practice. The KACCA Library is a place to find links to the current Kentucky Revised Statues (KRS) related to our field. You will also find sample documents, ordinances, and best management policies. More documents and resources will be added, so check back often.

How we work.

[dropcap]1[/dropcap] Improve Personnel Skills. KACCA was incorporated in March, 1988, to improve the skills of animal control and sheltering personnel. We provide an annual professional training conference where employees from our field can come together to learn and network.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap] Improve Animal Control and Care Practices. New best management practice are being discovered everyday through research at various university who now have shelter medicine programs. Sharing this information and providing free online training expands knowledge about these new practices.

[dropcap]3[/dropcap] Inform the Public. Educational information can be found in our resource library. It’s a collection of documents from agencies around the state to assist our shelters and animal control officers inform the public about laws and responsible ownership.

[dropcap]4[/dropcap] Promote Better Laws and Enforcement Practices. Kentucky animal laws do not provide protection for some of the most basic animal needs. KACCA is committed to supporting responsible animal care and providing training for Animal Control Officers regarding best enforcement practices.

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