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Rabies Vaccination and Bite Quarantine Laws

258.005   Definitions for KRS 258.005 to 258.087.

258.015   Dogs, cats, and ferrets to be vaccinated against rabies — Issuance and distribution of certificates — Tags for dogs — Requirements for compliance by qualified persons — Cat and ferret owners — Feral cats.

258.035   Dog, cat, or ferret vaccinated in other state need not be revaccinated.

258.043   Mass immunization clinics. (Effective until July 1, 2019)

258.043   Mass immunization clinics. (Effective July 1, 2019)

258.055   Quarantine in case of rabies epidemic — Emergency vaccinations.

258.065   Physicians to report persons bitten by dogs, cats, ferrets, and other animals — Reporting when local health department is closed.

258.075   Secretary for health and family services to administer rabies law.

258.085   Quarantine of animals suspected of having rabies — Destruction of animal in lieu of quarantine — Exceptions — Head of animal suspected of being rabid to be sent to laboratory.

258.087   Authorization to provide for more stringent regulation of rabies control.

Animal Control and Sheltering

258.095   Definitions for KRS 258.095 to 258.500.

258.117   Animal Control Advisory Board — Purpose — Promulgation of administrative regulations — Membership.

258.119   Animal control and care fund — Distribution of moneys — Eligibility requirements.

258.135   Establishment of dog licensing program by county or city ordinance.

258.195   Employment, appointment, or contract with animal control officers — Establishment and maintenance of animal shelters — Intergovernmental agreements — Authority of animal control officers.

258.212   Tampering with or removal of domesticated animal’s identification prohibited — Exceptions — Penalty.

258.215   Seizure, impounding, and destruction of dog lacking rabies tag or other identification — Holding period before destruction — Notice to owner — Reclamation of dog, cat, or ferret — Fees — Quarantine — Exemption of hunting dog.

258.225   Peace officers and animal control officers required to perform duties — Interference prohibited.

258.235   Authority to kill or seize dog — Return by court to owner of vicious dog — Liability for damage — Proceeding by person attacked by dog — Disposition of dog after seizure — Powers of animal control officer — Vicious dog not to run at large.

258.245   Dogs with rabies vaccination and identification considered personal property — Destruction prohibited.

258.255   Confinement and control of female dog when in heat.

258.265   Care and control of dog — Destruction of dog running at large at night — Exemption for hunting dogs.

258.335   False statements and concealment of facts prohibited.

258.365   Other state and local laws not affected.

258.500   Persons with assistance dogs not to be denied accommodations, transportation, or elevator service — Conditions — Exemption from licensing fees — Denial of emergency medical treatment for assistance dog prohibited.

258.505   Use of gunshot as euthanasia.

Chapter 258 Penalties

258.990   Penalties.

258.991   Penalties.

Kentucky Animal Cruelty Laws

Chapter 525       Riot, Disorderly Conduct, and Related Offenses

525.125   Cruelty to animals in the first degree

525.130   Cruelty to animals in the second degree – Exemptions — Offense involving equines.

525.135   Torture of dog or cat

Enforcement Power and Obtaining Warrants

Chapter 436       Crimes Against Morality

436.600   Dyeing or selling dyed baby fowl or rabbits

436.605   Animal control officers and humane agents have powers of peace officers, except power of arrest — Search warrants — Execution of search warrants — Arrest by peace officer.

436.610   Confiscation of animals on premises where violations of KRS 525.125 and 525.130 occur.

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